In late 2016 happened something that no one expected. What no one believes that it was possible. But in the end, it happened…Donald Trump became 44th American President. He is, for a lack of better words, very controversial person. He was an (and many says, still is) a big businessman with a wealth that measures in billions of dollars. And his stance on many things is controversial and in some ways shocking. He speaks his mind like no other president in the history, even if words that he says are mostly illogical and unintelligent. We know how much damage he can do to all the human rights that we had until this day. But the question is, what will he do about online privacy? Well, we don`t believe that online privacy will be unaffected under his a madman. Probably he will try to destroy internet privacy as we know it. And he will try to do it fast and soon as possible. Why do we believe that? Well, we will tell you in this article. Then you will know why we are so afraid of his policy decisions and what could they do to the internet privacy as we know it.


Trump will probably try to ban any kind of internet privacy in „interest“ of security:

This should not come as surprise. We all know what is Trump“s policy about immigrants and a danger of terrorist attacks. So it is not hard to believe that he would do pretty much anything to make America „safe“. He will build a wall alongside Mexican border. Then it is not hard to believe that Trump would discontinue internet privacy because of same reasons. He is prepared to do pretty much anything that he can to make America in the picture that he wants. He doesn`t really care about the people, to him, ego is in the first place, then fear of people that are different than him. That is why he is capable of doing all the decision that he had already make, Muslim travel ban and started to build the wall on the American-Mexican border. So, should you be afraid? Should you start to think what could you do to protect your Internet privacy? We definitely recommend you to do so. What can you really do? There are some options that can be effective. But we will see with time what will Trump really do about internet privacy and if he will change it or not.


Trump is afraid of terrorists and immigrants, but why is he also afraid of internet anonymity? Is the anonymity on the internet can create something bad? 

We can understand in some way the fear of immigrants that Trump has, but why would that also affect the internet privacy? Well, all of those things are connected. The real fear is, that terrorists under the internet privacy are able to communicate with each other and plan the future attack. There were already cases of the terrorist using the Xbox and PlayStation chat services to communicate and exchange info. Which is really hard to track, especially if there are using a voice chat. For eliminating that kind of threat you would need to have a specific software installed in the bought console chat services that would register any kind of talk that would be in some way connected to the terrorists. But that in itself has many more problems.

By eliminating online privacy, the American government would be able to find what each citizen of America is searching online, chatting, writing and etc. In some way that would be the death of the democracy as we know it. Just think about it. Some government agent finds out that you were writing that you hate Trump and that you would prefer that he never existed. Now, that government agent interprets that message as a threat to the president. And in the end, you end up in the jail. You see the problem? For every single joke, sarcastic comment, rage comment you could get visited by the government agents and asked about your intentions.  In the worst case, they could put you in jail as a „potential“ threat to the president. And that is only one example, there are much more.



Is there a way to justify removing of the internet privacy for better security?

Well, this is a hard question, there are many parameters that we would need to take in consideration. But the problem is that you are sacrificing your freedom of privacy for better security. But is it worth it? Is that extra security worth privacy that you would lose. All the people would live than under the eye „Big Brother“ which would know all that you are looking up online and etc. You need to ask yourself, is the maximal security really worth it? We think that it isn`t. The reason is that the terrorists and bad people will always find another way to communicate and to plan the attacks. The same problem is with the gun laws in the USA. The laws only hit the law abiding gun owners that collect the guns and love to shoot them at targets. Even if you ban all the guns and gun trades, criminals would still have their guns, because the don`t obey the state laws, they don`t care. We hope that you can see how those two things are really similar.

So what would you do? You should fight for your right to stay anonymous online, to be able to say what you want and what you mean without a fear of getting censured or in the worst case, put in the jail. This is the fight that will come soon enough. We all need to be prepared for it, inform yourself and do all that we can to stop it. Because if we don`t stop it, who knows how it will end. We need to fight for future of freedom compassion, not for future of fear and oppression. So go out there and fight, fight for your rights, if you won`t, why should anybody else?