Internet of things is a very interesting concept that could change the way that we use the web, pretty much a whole new revolution. But are we ready for that next step? Will this change online privacy as we know it? Will it make it better or worse? For now, it is hard to tell, but there is a chance that it will change the things in the way that you won`t like. That we will be able to become even more anonymous online without the fear that someone will take our anonymity away.


What is really The Internet of Things?

As we said in the introduction, The Internet of Things is a concept that could change the way we connect to the network itself. That would effect every single device that is capable of internet connection. This would allow all the devices to have an on/off switch that you would be able to turn on and off the network when you want it to. This way we would get a huge network of connected devices. In some estimations, in 2020. there would be over 26 billion devices that are connected to the network. That is really a lot. And the reason why would those devices be connected to the network is simple. They would get all the newest info, recipes, news and etc. from the web or from the other devices. But is this kind of connection safe? Would this kind of connection damage your privacy that you had?


The problem of Internet of Things and keeping your privacy:

When you have all of your home devices connected to the network, is it even possible to stay anonymous? To have the data protected from leaking? Well, hardly. And that is the biggest problem of this concept. How would you be able to protect yourself from data leaks when you have so many devices that are connected to the network. Devices that are sharing information with the rest of the world. This would be a paradise for hackers and government agents that are collecting data from every citizen. Internet of things presents a real danger to us all. At least to all of us who appreciate their privacy. If this comes to life, you won`t have to protect only your PC, you would need to protect all of your electronic devices in your home.




The real danger of Internet for Things concept:

There is a danger that hackers would get all the data about you and your habits, what kind of coffee do you like, when do you wash your clothes, when do you watch TV and etc. Now imagine that hackers take control over all of your devices in your home. They could destroy pretty much every electronic device that you own in your home. Or far worse, they could hurt or your loved ones. Some devices should never be connected to the internet, because if you connect them to the web, then you have open the door to the numerous security and privacy problems.

And what kind of info could someone gather from your home? Not only your internet searching habits but pretty much about everything that you do at home. They could even take control over your security cameras and watch what you do. They could connect to any device that has a camera and monitors you. If that does not sounds scary that we don`t know what does.


Final thoughts:

Internet of Things is a good idea on the paper, but it will be pretty bad idea in practice. There is no system other that is impenetrable, hackers always find a way to hack pretty much any system that they want. And in the same way, they would be able to hack your home and all of your electric devices if the Internet for Things become a reality. Future of online privacy definitely isn`t bright, who knows what other problems will the future bring. What kind of attack on online privacy will we need to endure, how we will endure it? Only time will tell. But when that time comes, be sure that you have done all you can to keep your online privacy as safe as possible.