If you use the internet, then you probably have heard about the cookies, but many people don`t know what they are and what is their purpose. The simplest explanation is that cookies are small files that are stored on the user`s computer. Their purpose is to hold a modest amount of data that is specific to every client of the site. They can be accessed by the web server or by user`s computer. This, in the end, allows the server to deliver a page that is specifically tailored to a particular user, or the page may contain some script which can be aware of the data in the cookie. That way cookie is able to carry information from one visit to the website to the next. But are the cookies harmful to your privacy? Can they give too much information to the people that should not have that info? We will tell you in this article.


Why do websites use Cookies?

Why do really websites use cookies? Well In this day and age they do. Especially if they want to put advertisements that are specifically tailored to you. Cookies allow them to find your online habits automatically, without spending working hours or paying employees for doing that kind of job. Cookies find everything they need to in a matter of seconds, they will almost instantly put the advertisements that are specially tailored for you and for every other visitor to their web page.  Nowadays, pretty much when you visit every site, the site will give you the notice to activate the cookies on their site, for, how they put it „Better surfing experience“. When the matter of fact is that they want to get the info about your internet habits and about things that you are looking for and buy online. You won`t find any modern page that does not feature a Cookies on their website, that is for sure.


Can Cookies be used for illegal data collecting?

The main use of the cookies is just to get the info about the customer and their shopping habits so that wright advertisements would be put in place. But does Cookies present security problem? Can Cookies be used for the illegal information gathering? Unfortunately, they can. Pretty much any hacker can get the info about you and your habits if they use Cookies as an entry point to your computer. In even worst case, the government can collect the info about you and all of your habits, they can spy on you, and know pretty much everything that you do online. This is a big problem and breach of anonymity and security. No one would love to be spied on, especially from their own government. This only shows how big of a problem are cookies and how many flaws they have. Of course, every single computer program has some flaws, but cookies present some troubling flaws that are very concerning in every way.


Should you allow entrance to Cookies on your PC?

In our opinion, you should block every attempt of third-party Cookies that are trying to get installed on your computer. Sure, it can be great and awesome when advertisement agencies know exactly what you like and things that you would want to buy. But the security problems are big, enormous. The same way that the advertisement complies know what you are looking for online, hackers and governments can find the same information, or even more. So please, don`t allow access to your PC, don`t let any Cookie program to be installed on your PC or your browser. It is easy as that. But how can you delete all of those cookies that are already installed on your PC or internet browser. And how can you block all of those cookies from installing on your PC?


How can you protect yourself from Cookies?

There are many ways in which you can protect yourself from Cookies. First, when a website asks you if you want to install cookies, just press no. You can also change the option in your web browser to not allow Cookies to get installed on your computer. Especially third-party cookies, you should always deny them access to your PC. Only safe way is to completely block the third-party cookies entrance to your PC, and you will be safe.


Can you surf the net the same way with Cookies blocked?

This is question has a simple answer, yes, you can. Cookies, especially third party Cookies are only used for gathering the info about your internet searching habits and about things you buy online. Nothing more. Sure, you won`t get the specific advertisements made just for you, but it is a story better option than having your personal data given to the hands of people that should never have it in the first place. So you know what is the best option that you have, block all of the third-party Cookies. And you will finally feel a little bit safer while surfing the web.



Cookies can be useful, sure, they have some benefits, but they really do present a big security breach to your PC and your privacy. Cookies are mostly an invention of the advertisement companies that want to get all the info about you and your online shopping habits. Sure, for the advertisement companies Cookies are the perfect solution to get all the info about their potential customers. So, should Cookies be replaced with some other kind of program? Should they be banned? Well, they shouldn`t get banned, but they should be definitely changed if it is possible. The potential damage that they can do is really concerning. They can destroy all the privacy and anonymity that we have online. Make every your internet search, every your post, every your chat public. This is a big problem now and it could be an even bigger problem in the future. So protect yourself and block all of the third party Cookies. And finally feel a little bit safer.