After the craze for the next best 3D TV, there have come another revolution in TV market. Smart TV. Nowadays almost every new TV that is bought is a smart TV. Smart TV is practically like a smartphone, they share many functions, the difference is obvious, one is TV and one is a smartphone. But now comes the question.  Does a Smart TV endanger your privacy? Can you get sprayed on through your Smart TV? Does it presents any kind of danger for you and your loved ones? Well, we will try to answer that question in this article.


Do Smart TV-s really present a danger to your privacy?

Well, we have to tell you the truth, that’s the whole point of the article, isn`t it? And the truth is that Smart TV-s do present a danger to your privacy. It is very simple, Smart TV is almost like computers, they pass data through, process data, collect data. All of that data must go somewhere. And that is when hackers, government agents, and advertisers can get what they want. They will know all of your viewing habits, when do you watch TV, how long, which days do you watch it the most and etc. They will know the exact time when the best commercials should be put on and etc. Some TV companies and TV providers will sell all the data that they collected from you to the advertisement companies so they would know what kind of adverts should they show to you. Isn`t this just a little creepy? That advertisement companies and TV companies know more about your viewing habits that yourself?


Can you really do something about flaws in Smart TV security?

We now know what kind of dangers does Smart TV present to your privacy. But can you do something to decrease the danger of privacy exposure? Well, there is some good news considering the Smart TV-s. Nowadays Smart TV-s come with a security protection which will protect you from the security breaches of your Smart TV. But how can you stop the privacy breaches? First, and easiest thing that you can do to avoid all of the smart aspects of your smart TV, and you can do that by disconnecting the TV from the internet. And this is probably the only sure way that you can protect yourself from companies taking the data from your Smart TV.


Are Features of Smart TV enough to overlook all the security features?

This is a good question. Are the capabilities that Smart TV offers good enough to overlook potential privacy breach? Well, it depends on from person to person. Some people really don`t mind that much that TV or internet companies collect data about them, about their habits and etc. If you are that kind of person, then you should buy yourself a Smart TV and enjoy all the benefits that its offer to you. But if you are one of those people that really cherish their privacy, that doesn’t like that companies have collected data about them and about their habits. Then you should look for a different kind of TV. If there is no other option, then don`t plug your smart TV to the web, because that is an only way to be safe that no one will collect data from your Smart TV.


Final Thought:

Every time when technology improves, we lose some of our privacy. With today`s smartphones, it’s practically impossible to stay private, anonymous. You have all the data on the palm of your hand, and advertisement companies have all the data that they need on you. Same goes with Smart TV. It is hard to think that you would be able to function without the smartphone in modern society. But you can definitely function without the Smart TV. Especially if you had never owned one because you never created the habit of having the Smart TV. Believe us, if you really value your privacy, then you should never buy a Smart TV. TV is one of that product that doesn’t really need all of those features, for most of those features you have your PC, smartphone and etc. So, if you can, don`t buy the Smart TV which will, in the end, give you the privacy that you wanted.